C.A.D.D (Creative Attention Deficit Disorder

Hi. My name is Clare and I have C.A.D.D. It’s real addiction/affliction and you may suffer/enjoy having as well.

What the hell is she crapping on about? I hear you ask (great shoes by the way). It appears my life is not busy enough and I need to do multiple things at once to keep my creative juices flowing. At the moment that means marketing my novel Tumble and expanding it to other platforms (more about this soon), working on a new novella series which is a different genre  to Tumble, as well as writing my next novel. I’m actually exhausted just reading that paragraph. But I’m creatively happy, if not physically weary, but that could just be my donut of a son/human weights.

Most writers probably would agree that they need to write to feel complete. Writing isn’t a job, it’s a compulsion and that is definitly the case for me. I think my husband would agree that I am a much happier person  to live with when I’ve squeezed in a writing session. We’re a strange breed us writers and most would probably agree that we’re not happy unless we’re creating something or reading/making something creative.

lady writing

I learnt awhile ago that I couldn’t just research something and not write at the same time. It was at this point that I self diagnosed myself with C.A.D.D. Some people may frown at this and question why I don’t just finish one thing and then move onto the next. If you’re wired like that, great! Congratulations! But for those of us that need to let off a little more steam you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Zoe Foster Blake is a perfect example of this. When she was the beauty editor at Cosmo she started a beauty blog called Fruity Beauty. When that still wasn’t enough creatively she wrote a novel. She now has a number of books under her belt and is the CEO and creative Director of her skincare range Go-To Skincare. Zoe is another person I would say suffers from C.A.D.D and is only fulfilled when she has multiple fingers in multiple pies.

Now I’m not going to start up a business, but I’m saying you can make C.A.D.D work. Sure, one of my babies may get more attention than another at one stage, but they’re all growing at a rate I’m happy with. Book baby 2.5 to be born soon. Doctor says its progressing well.

The fact that my projects are different genre’s as well keeps things interesting and fresh and easier to jump from one to other. My novella series was inspired by a particularly bizarre dream I had and was so weird that I wrote it down and knew I had to create a story from it. Book one will be released later this year. We all know a dream inspired story worked well for this author so fingers crossed.

C.A.D.D may not be for everyone and when the editing process kicks in everything else will be hit with the pause button but it works for me and so I will continue to C.A.D.D away.