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The Amazon best seller, and award winning debut novel that has been embraced by teens and adults about first love, friendship and chasing dreams.







Happily Ever After


What if an app guaranteed happiness? What if that app delivered your dream man, but it wasn’t exactly as you thought your Happily Ever After would be… this is a short story rom-com about the perils of modern dating.









You know those perfect, wonderful days where everything goes right, and you just wish you could hit pause and be happy forever? Well, this is not a story about one of those days. This is a day where Jane should have stayed in bed. She certainly didn’t plan on running into an ex looking the way she does and she didn’t plan on giving the old man next door a heart attack, but that’s just about how this day is turning out.

A short story about the bad days, that make even the most mundane days seem good.






Copy of Book One in the STAR Series





“This book has an appealing charm as it is beautifully written with a simple but engaging style of writing that is easy to read.” – Sharon, Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this book. Very realistic and likeable characters that I could really find myself getting invested in their lives and stories…Great first novel from a remarkable writer.” – Rebecca, Goodreads

“If I didn’t already have my own Prince Charming, I would definitely want that app. A delightfully humorous story with realistic characters you can picture getting up to all sorts of mischief. I loved Allie and Amber’s friendship and their cheeky and playful banter.” -Claire, Goodreads

“Holy voice, Batman! Wow, you’ve got it. Voice is one of the hardest aspects of writing to master, also one of the most important. The voice you’ve got here is perfect for YA; a little attitude, a lot of passion, and ton of personality. Your pacing is great, the intrigue is perfect, and you ground the reader in setting and character.” -Stacey Nash, author and judge for C1 Blitz competition

“A very funny, sweet and wry contemporary take on fairy tales and the modern girl’s pitfalls of dating. Loved it!” – Carolyn, Goodreads

“Fantastic read! It made me laugh out loud and cry with a twist I did not see coming.” – Diane, Goodreads