Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by, unless you clicked on this website by mistake, then thanks for stopping by and maybe I’ll see you again. Now that we’ve met, it would be rude for us not to say hi again, it would be quite awkward really if we passed each other on the internet and didn’t say hi, just avoided eye contact and just kept typing… but if you have found me, and meant to find me, then welcome to the home of freelancer,  copywriter, author and playwright, Clare Griffin.

Great shoes by the way! Where did you get them?

Here’s the official report:

Clare Griffin is an Amazon Best Selling and award winning author of young adult, contemporary and historical fiction.

Clare grew up  in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia which in hindsight was the perfect place to grow up for a writer. With nothing much else to do except ride bikes, climb trees, write and read books, Clare’s imagination was created. Mostly this is a good thing. Unless she is in a house alone, at night, then this is a very scary thing.

Her first book was an autobiography about the exciting things she had done in life thus far…at age eight. In later years this was followed by pages and articles of fan fiction about the Backstreet Boys and her imaginary girl band that was bigger and better then the Spice Girls. Big imagination, remember?

She is now based in Melbourne, Australia and her work has appeared in numerous publications online and in print. Clare’s freelance work has covered features, interviews, profiles, sports journalism, reviews, copywriting, travel writing, plays and ghostwriting. She has written copy and procedure writing for Australian and international companies. Clare’s fiction writing covers young adult, contemporary,  historical fiction and plays.

She has a BA in Professional Writing and can quite often be caught daydreaming about her latest book boyfriend. Her debut novel Tumble was published in 2016 and her 10 minute play The Karma Fairy came runner up in the 2017 Take Ten Writing Festival. In 2017 Clare released her novella Happily Ever After She has an obsession with 80s music and movies, tea and cheeseburgers. She lives with her husband, sons, a retired Greyhound and too many shoes.*


2015 – Winner – C1 Blitz First Chapter Competition – Tumble – Industry Professional Category – Freshly Squeezed Reads

2017 –   People’s Choice Runner Up -Take Ten Writing Festival – The Karma Fairy  – Gemco Theatre Company

2019 – Third Place – Selling Submissions Romance Writers of Australia


Writers Victoria

Romance Writers of Australia

Australian Society of Authors

*This is not true. You can never have too many shoes



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