dancer balloons Holy guacamole Batman! My debut novel Tumble has been launched into the big bad scary world and you can now purchase it for your very own bookshelf or ebook device TODAY! Not tomorrow, but today, right now, this very moment in fact!

I am taking pre orders for paperback copies at the moment for $17.99 plus postage via email at hello@claregriffin.com or you can purchase the ebook version here from the comfort of your chair/couch/bathroom etc, etc.

To wet your whistle here is the blurb:


Emma Reynolds knows what she wants: ace year 12, get into the Victorian College of the Arts then join a dance company and become a professional dancer like her Mum. It’s the beginning of the year and Emma has her last year of school and her future mapped out, with the opinion that nothing will get in her way.

When her long time crush Daniel finally notices her, Emma thinks her life can’t get any better but already her perfectly planned year is falling apart. She starts her first job teaching dance where she meets Riley, an arrogant circus performer student who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Emma is on track to making her dreams a reality, until an event changes her and those around her lives forever. Nothing will ever be the same and she questions everything she thought she wanted. With family pressure to be the best, torn between two boys who couldn’t be more different and a future very different from the one she had hoped for, what and who will she choose?

Sometimes, the best laid plans, are not the best plans for you.

Wish to read more? Of course you do, that’s like asking someone do you want a cupcake? Of course you want a cupcake! (For aforementioned delicious cupcakes click here

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