TUMBLE launch party

In case you missed it, I wrote a book. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do to date (that includes child birth, but I had drugs for that) so I thought I needed to celebrate. So back in March I threw a little party with my friends and family to say thank you for still being my friends even though I’m a crazy writer lady.

Kindle surprise
Kindle Surprise -aforementioned crazy-writer-lady


When one writes a book, a lot of tea and alcohol are consumed both during the process and to celebrate. In my case this was definitely the case (although we still have a bottle of Moet to consume when neither one of us have to look after our little man for a night, small children and a hangover are not a good combination) and during the editing process if you had rung me out, tea would have dripped from every pore.

Writing a book can be described as a selfish endeavour but I’m very blessed to be surrounded by people who not only love and support me but understand when I couldn’t always come out to play. So everyone was more then happy to consume a shit load of sugar and bubbles and spend an afternoon underneath purple and yellow balloons and make a toast to the newest member of our family, Tumble.Mum and baby doing well.

little books 2
Tiny books made by my uber talented chef friend, Kate Mulvany


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