Tumble Playlist

Some scenes of Tumble were easy to write, where the words flowed out of my fingers and onto the page, while others were damn hard. Those scenes were down to a few things: hard writing days, hard scenes to write (emotionally) or a character not doing what I wanted them to do. Perhaps it’s my drama background, but I always find the characters conversations the easiest and most fun to write. It was interesting that one of my first readers of Tumble said those scenes worked best, and she loved the way the characters interacted.

I found some scenes had to be written in silence while others needed music. I’ve decided to share some key songs from the book without giving anything away for those of you who haven’t read the book. Enjoy =)

RILEY’S THEME: Counting Stars, OneRepublic

EMMA’S 18TH: Figure 8, Ellie Goulding

DANCE OFF: Blood On The Dance Floor, Michael Jackson and Robyn, Dancing On My Own

ROAD TRIP: Run To Paradise, Choir Boys

BALL ROUTINE: Vanessa Mae, Clear Like Ice


EMMA’S AUDITION PIECE: 24, Jem (sorry no real film clip)

EMMA DANCING ON POINTE, Cirque Du Soleil, Iris, Flying Scarlett

A CLIP OF SOME AMAZING CIRQUE DU SOLEIL WORK (Side note, I used to do rhythmic gymnastics and I Did a hoop routine to this music =)





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Clare Griffin is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia whose articles have appeared in numerous publications online and in print. She has a BA in Professional Writing and can quite often be caught daydreaming about her latest book boyfriend. She lives with her husband, son, a retired Greyhound and too many shoes.* *This is not true, you can never have too many shoes

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