Apologies and news

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First of all, my apologies on the lack of content on the website since my last author interview. I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible at updating the site and have so many plans, but never seem to prioritise making them a reality.

I chose to end the self publishing author interviews as I thought I had done enough for now, and I hope you got to learn something, I know I did! There will however be one more very special one, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, I will fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

Months ago I chose not to publish FIGHT and the project was put on the shelf, so to speak. The content is very dark and very different to TUMBLE and I found although the writing of the story was coming easily, the content was pretty full on. If I ever publish it you’ll know what I mean. It also became a lot bigger then I anticipated. In my mind I was going to publish a novella, while I worked on my next novel. Easy. It was going to be half the words. Ha. Not so much. I realised my characters journeys were going to be so much more then I had planned (I’m a panster not a plotter, although I always have a rough draft of what will happen, I often find the best plot twists come when I least expect it) and it was going to take a lot more time.

At this time I suffered a personal loss and found I didn’t want to be thrown down the dark tunnel of FIGHT’s world so I threw myself into my second novel, the one I had planned to write after the craziness of Tumble subsided. This one is fun, and is also flowing well and I hope to have it traditionally published due to its genre. Stay tuned…

Along with the above, I also wrote a ten minute play called The Karma Fairy. I submitted it to the Take Ten Festival, a competition run by theatre company Gemco Players where they choose ten, ten minute plays to be performed over three performances and the public votes on their top three.

I’m very proud to say that the play came runner up, so thank you the people! It was very surreal having my work performed and letting someone else interpret what I had created. Unlike book reviews where it is one person’s opinion, this is someone taking the words and making them their own. I was equal parts terrified and excited. My biggest fear? I had written a comedy, what if no one laughed?

I was the fifth play to be performed, so I was thrilled I didn’t have to wait till last, but the first 4 plays seemed to fly and then it was my turn. I’ll be honest. I had tears. I was crying silently. Were they tears of fear? Excitement? Pride? Most likely hormones but also all of the above.

The director and actors did a brilliant job and I was thrilled with what they came up with. There were some changes made, but it didn’t effect the overall feeling of the play and if anything, made it better. And the best bit? People laughed. As soon as I got my first chuckle, my shoulders relaxed and I enjoyed the performance.

I’ve also had the chance to stretch my non-fiction legs and have been writing a few articles. I’m proud to say I am now a contributor for Poppy Renegade and hoping to have a few other pieces published in the next few weeks. I love fiction and it is my first love, but I’ve really enjoyed writing articles again.


It takes a very different part of the brain to write fiction and non fiction so it’s not easy to switch between the two, but I enjoy both. Both are creative and both feed my hungry creative appetite. The creative A.D.D is still very much alive and well.

I have also been playing with The Epic again. If you’re new to the website, welcome! The Epic is a book that has been haunting me for almost two decades. Wow. That makes me feel old. It’s historical fiction and it first began as a short story written in my year 8 English class and has seen many incarnations since. I love these characters like they’re my own blood and they are haunting me. While I wait to finish their story, they remind they are still there and wait patiently.

So, I hope you understand my laziness and neglect of this child and forgive me. I hope in the next year to have completed my next novel and to have more blog posts in between, although I doubt it! But I will try.

Till my next post, happy reading, writing and creating!

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