The Creative Heart

As I write this, I am locked away in my bedroom while my husband and son play. The door is closed so he doesn’t see me and I don’t get distracted by his chubby cheeks and cheeky smile. But the door can’t block out the giggles and laughter and I want to know what’s so [...]

Reality vs Ideal

Last Tuesday was a low day.  The day began well, but then it went down hill fast. The kids were happy. We went to the shops to buy party supplies for my toddlers birthday. Then I got a rather brutal rejection from a publisher (low). Five minutes later my cover designer sent me a mock [...]

Apologies and news

First of all, my apologies on the lack of content on the website since my last author interview. I'll be the first to admit I'm terrible at updating the site and have so many plans, but never seem to prioritise making them a reality. I chose to end the self publishing author interviews as I [...]

Author Interview: Bree Darcy

I first became aware of Bree Darcy (aka Stephanie Pegler) when I heard her interviewed on the awesome podcast Your Creative Life. (Highly recommend all writer's subscribe to this podcast). I was aware of Stephanie's website Chicklit Club but not the lady behind it, and certainly not aware that despite having contacts in the publishing world, [...]