Drumroll please…

If you follow me on Instagram you would be aware that the next pony in my stable is about to run it's first race. On Friday I revealed the cover of my next project, FIGHT. FIGHT is part one in a new novella series I am writing that will be an ebook only. I will [...]

Tumble Playlist

Some scenes of Tumble were easy to write, where the words flowed out of my fingers and onto the page, while others were damn hard. Those scenes were down to a few things: hard writing days, hard scenes to write (emotionally) or a character not doing what I wanted them to do. Perhaps it's my [...]

C.A.D.D (Creative Attention Deficit Disorder

Hi. My name is Clare and I have C.A.D.D. It's real addiction/affliction and you may suffer/enjoy having as well. What the hell is she crapping on about? I hear you ask (great shoes by the way). It appears my life is not busy enough and I need to do multiple things at once to keep [...]

Writing…with a baby

A lot of people have asked me how the hell I wrote Tumble with a 3 month old baby. The answer is simple: I didn't. By the time my son was born (five days late so I had 7 weeks on maternity leave) I had already written the book and it had gone through about 10 [...]

TUMBLE launch party

In case you missed it, I wrote a book. It was the hardest thing I've had to do to date (that includes child birth, but I had drugs for that) so I thought I needed to celebrate. So back in March I threw a little party with my friends and family to say thank you [...]